How to Build Your Signature with These Easy Steps

  1. Fill out your information (including your photo) and click "Apply Content".
  2. Click the  'Social' tab to add your social media links. Pick a style option for the buttons, and click 'Apply Social Media'.
  3. Click to the 'Styles' tab to choose font, highlight color and text color. (Change colors by changing the color code or clicking on the color and choosing a new one!)
  4. Click 'Apply Styles' for the change to be reflected in your signature preview.
  5. Move to the "Layout" tab and click on the layout of your choice clicking "Apply Layout" (have fun by clicking various layouts) to see how it looks in preview.
  6. Go to the 'Get code!' tab. Enter your name and email address. Copy your new signature and paste it  anywhere you can insert a signature!